Discovery Consulting

Above all, superior consulting is the key to success in discovery. It comes down to people. Who is on your team? How much and what type of experience do they have? What discovery challenges have they faced in the past and how creative were they in resolving those challenges? As in sports, some teams are better than others. We believe that we have assembled an all-star team. Our consultants hail from Fortune 100 corporations, have managed hundreds of discovery projects and have been tested ... Read More »

Technology & Workflow Tools

Determining the best solution for a particular case can be a daunting task, considering the myriad of technology solutions on the market for managing parts of the discovery process ... Read More »

Project Management & Analytics

We have redefined the role of project manager in discovery and it is no longer about providing status updates without any real value. Our project managers, the people who are responsible for the day-to-day execution of our client’s projects, use metrics and other tools to actively maintain a high level of quality control and reviewer productivity ... Read More »

Managed Review

Peace of mind is not something normally associated with discovery process. Clients who are facing tight discovery deadlines often turn to Update Discovery’s managed review service to help make productions accurate, on time, and within budget. Unlike the old staffing model, our project managers and review managers use reviewer metrics and unique case specific aids as a lever to drive productivity and reduce the error rate among our review teams ... Read More »