We are committed to providing our clients with superior comprehensive discovery solutions customizable through expert guidance.

Our philosophy is one of the key elements that sets Update Discovery apart from the myriad of other vendors in the marketplace. At the heart of our philosophy is our belief that the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), the current accepted roadmap for discovery, is flawed.  As the model is currently applied, it leads to inefficiency, lack of accountability and increased costs. While initially serving as a good foundation for describing the various aspects of the discovery management process, the model has not kept pace with rapid technological, legal and practical developments.

Our answer is to take a holistic approach to the EDRM and discovery management.  This approach results in having one discovery strategy integrating all disciplines of the EDRM.  We do not believe that our clients are best served by having separate strategies for collection, processing, hosting and review, an approach that is common in the marketplace.  At Update Discovery, we view ourselves as a key stakeholder in the discovery process. We believe in a collaborative approach where we work with the client and their law firm to eliminate finger-pointing, communication inefficiencies and cost overruns. This approach creates accountability, efficiency and transparency amongst all key stakeholders.